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Bach-Run Small Frame Packer

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Land rollers press rocks and stones into the soil, protecting your seeding and harvest equipment. This reduces your downtime and allows higher in-field equipment speeds. Plus it improves seeding depth precision resulting in uniform seed emergence.

Bach-Run Land rollers use a 36” diameter drum, with weights ranging between 300-350lbs per foot. All models offer adjustable tongues and variable hitch height adjustment, ensuring easy hook-ups and efficiency whether used solo or as a secondary attachment.

 The Bach-Run Land Rollers have been tried and proven as trustworthy soil finishers.


20-28' Widths
36" dia roller
Transport width 11'6"
Tongue extends 4' & 8'
305/70R22.522.5 used tires

Hardened hinge pins.

All hub shafts on folding rollers are easily replaceable without cutting, remove inspection cover and one 5/8’s bolt, pull out shaft.

 Land Rollers

1. Scraping blade for maintaining clean rollers.
2. Variable hitch height adjustment.
3. Lock pin for transport
4. The Cross-Fold Packer’s fold position and dual 22½” truck tires provides trouble free transport

* LED Light kits available


LED light kits available on all packers
Roller thickness range from 3/8’s to 7/16’s thick
Most roller sizes use 2” bearings in ductile bearing housings, Xtra Large Frame uses 2.5” bearings.


Small Frame Packer
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