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Series 98 Cover Crop Drill

Now available in 3', 4', 5' and 6' widths, the improved Series 98 Cover Crop Drill features high capacity seed cups with E-Z View gauges and clean-outs, a high capacity legume seed box providing twice the seed volume, rapid adjust "T" Handle press wheels and heavier drives and jackshafts for even more durability. All field adjustments can easily be done by hand. No tools are required.

Standard Features:
All welded box construction, low profile design
Wind guard lid lock, seed saver and water resistant box lid
All welded main frame
Heavy duty 3mm 1/4" offset double disc blades
Double springs
2 x 13" press wheels
Seed box agitator
CAT I & II three-point hitch
High capacity 1-3/4" wide fluted seed cups
Easy seed rate and drive wheel adjustment
Non-slip walk board
2 bushel / foot legume seed box

No-Till Cover Crop Drill

The heavy-duty No-Till coulters are designed for severe ground conditions. Each wavy No-Till coulter is spring loaded to handle the toughest soils. The staggered offset of the No-Till coulter blades allows for excellent penetration through heavy trash, vegetation and soil. Extra weight may be achieved by adding suitcase weights to the main frame bracket.

Native Grass Seed Box

The Schmeiser Native Grass Seed Box optional attachment attaches to the back of the main legume seed box on the Cover Crop Drill. This specialized seed box will handle fluffy, native grass seeds that traditionally "bridge up" in conventional seed boxes. Metering is controlled by chain sprocket selection.

Small Seed Box Attachment

This attachment is available for growers that want to plant small seeds such as covers, poppy seeds, alfalfa seeds along with larger seeds at multiple rates with their Cove Crop Drill. The Small Seed Box attaches directly to the back of the legume box.

S-Tine Seeder™

The Schmeiser S-Tine Seeder's flexible S-Tines are used to open up soil for seed planting. The S-Tine Seeder is used in lieu of a Drill when the seed planting depth is not critical. Use a Till an Pak ring roller to cover up the soil and to lock in the moisture for best results.

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